Thursday, March 14, 2013

B's Stitches!!


Brycky is in wrestling and well the first practice we found out he has excercise induced asthma, he had a hard time breathing after doing the warm ups. Well so then of course he was nervous the next couple practices (he would only practice the wrestling moves) he was also nervous for the duel, so after talking him into it and letting him know that everything is going to be ok and he is just fine, he decided that he wanted to try it so we told him if he does good we would buy him a treat so after a Monday practice it took him about 5 minutes and he got out there and did it and loved it!! After we left he said "I want to do it again, I like it" we said see there is nothing to worry about huh buddy, its fun!! So needless to say he wanted a skateboard for his treat, so we went to Kmart and found one he wanted so he was testing it out and yep not a good idea...... His dad just got done giving them the lecture,  if you get this you guys are not to ride it without a helment, elbow pads, and knee pads! Yeah well needless to say we didn't have to worry about that because after crashing and a couple stitches he didn't want it anymore!! The first numbing shot didn't work so he freaked when they went to stitch him up and he could feel it, i felt so bad because he was upset from the 1st shot cause it hurt and so we told him your ok no more shots i promise yeah well we lied they had to sneek in another one, we felt soooo bad ( I felt like the worst mom ever)so after Luke gave him a blessing he calmed down a little and we finally got his lip stitched up! The doctor was so nice and patient and thanks to Cam for taking his stitches out at grandma and grandpa's!! So  back to wrestling he couldn't wrestle again with his stitches so right when he started warming up to it and liking it he got stitches so hopefully now that he has them out he will like it again!! Poor thing hopefully next wrestling season will be a better experience for him!!! We love our tough guy he was so tough through it all!!