Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kruz's 1st foods!!

Kruz has had a hard time going to the bathroom so my dr. told me to try some of the foods that help you go. So here is some pictures of him trying some sweet potatoes and apple sauce oh man he loves his food!! He is 5 months now and i can't believe it, he has grown up so fast! He is such a good baby and such a sweety, he loves to sit and watch his brothers run around crazy! He is rolling over now and tries to sit up in his carseat!! They don't stay little for very long! We all just love him to pieces, his brothers love to be right there with him and play with him now that he is playing with toys and everything! I had to throw in these pictures of my 4 boys on a sunday afternoon after church they were watchin a movie on daddy's computer! Luke is so great with our boys, he is the best daddy and our boys just adore him! I love all 4 of my boys to pieces! I am so blessed to have them in my life!